Sunday, 11 December 2011

Digital Strategy - How we can use the internet to advertise our film

We could upload our trailer to YouTube, this is a free service which would allow millions of people to view our trailer on-line for free. People would also be able to embed our trailer on their own website or social networking page, allowing it to be viewed by even more people. YouTube users would also be able to share the link to watch our trailer with their friends, via e-mail and social networking.

We could also use social networking websites such as Facebook and Twitter as a means of advertising our film. We could create profiles for our characters; to generate a hype surrounding our film. We could also create a page for the film itself. On Facebook, users would be able to 'like' our page. This would result in their friends seeing that they have liked our page, and subsequently viewing our page themselves. Likewise, on Twitter users would be able to tweet or retweet about our film for the same effect.

Thursday, 8 December 2011

Our Target Market

Demographic Profile:


Working Class – Middle Class


Lives in the UK

Psychographic Profile:

A fan of reality shows

Not offended by violence in films

A fan of the horror genre