Wednesday, 2 November 2011

The synopsis of 'Escape Reality'

Escape Reality

A deadbeat producer preys on a group of fame hungry teenagers living the reality dream.  Alice, eager to pull the silver spoon out of her mouth, enters the house to irritate her parents and turn her back on her private education. Stacy, who was born to be famous, is used to unwanted male attention, but finds herself unable to escape the camera’s stare. Even tough boy Josh struggles to escape the screenplay in which his character makes an early departure.

The unlucky seven wannabes have barely finished sipping their champagne when the producer starts to have his wicked way with them. Who dies? He decides.

This is the Synopsis for 'Escape Reality'. I think that it is successful in the fact that it creates a sense of enigma surrounding the film. However, it does not give away the resolution to the plot, it simply states the disruption of the equilibrium and to some extent shows how the characters attempts to repair the equilibrium. This leaves the reader wanting to see the film to discover how and which characters survive. The synopsis also introduces the main characters, and hints at what  might happen to them later on in the film. 

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