Wednesday, 8 February 2012

What have you Learned from Audience Feedback?

Channel 4 Feedback

Overall Channel 4 felt that our editing was our strongest point, the consensus being the editing was excellent, Georgina even saying that it had the ‘wow factor’. To some extent, I think that the audience found the narrative slightly unclear; Chris indicating that he struggled to get a handle on the storyline. They may not have fully understood that the characters think that they are on a reality TV show. This problem could be solved by including some narrative dialogue, for example; ‘I’ve been accepted onto the show.’ Most at channel 4 liked our theme and thought it matched the genre well. Ade commented; ‘well edited and great horror theme’. 

We received a mixed response when it came to the soundtrack for our trailer, Georgina and Mat both felt that it had the ‘wow factor’, whereas Chris felt that it had minimal effect. This may be because he dislikes the song choice. 

To get feedback from our target market  we asked student Max Kirby what he thought after viewing our trailer. Max is from our target market of 15-25 year olds. This is what he said:

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