Wednesday, 8 December 2010

Behind The Bars

The genre I chose for my music magazine was R&B/Hip-hop, This genre has many ties to prisons and criminality. This link can be attributed to some of the biggest rappers constantly talking about their dark pasts and many artists such as Lil Wayne and T.I being mixed up in the prison system. This allowed me to come up with a unique concept, which I felt was well suited to the genre and appeals to my target market. The concept is prisoners meet Hollywood meets Brooklyn, with the latest reviews, and an emphasis on photo shoots and exclusive interviews.  The name that I thought represented this concept was ‘Behind the Bars’ with ‘bars’ being the focal word. ‘Behind the Bars’ also has a dual meaning, the more obvious one being, behind prison bars, secondly lyrics are often referred to as bars. Therefore, the name infers that the magazine goes behind the lyrics.

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