Tuesday, 9 November 2010

Front cover image analysis

I took this image with the intention of using it on the front cover of my school magazine, as part of my prelim task. It is a mid-shot which includes the whole of the student’s body. The mosaic is in the centre third of the image, a convention widely used in media because it is considered to be ‘easy on the eye’. The students pose is reasonably natural and even relaxed which gives the connotation that the school is a tranquil place. The student is looking directly at the camera connecting with the reader. He is wearing clothes iconic of teenaged culture. This links with the name of the magazine ‘represent’, as well as achieving the magazines’ aim to represent young people. I felt that beside the mosaic was the best location for the photo as it conveyed the artistic side of the school, as well as informing the reader that the magazine featured Acland Burghley.

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