Thursday, 18 November 2010

Shot Types used in R&B/Hip-Hop

The artist used on the front cover of Vibe is framed asymmetrically due to the fact she is leaning to the left, although she is still roughly in the centre third. A mid-shot has been used, which includes the whole of the artist’s body. She is gazing into the camera longingly, with her head at a slight angle, connoting some shyness. This makes her appealing to both men and women as she does not appear to have an over inflated ego, hinting that she is ‘down to earth’ thus making her attractive to men as they do not see her as ‘out of their league’. Her body and clothes are in black and white giving the image a timeless quality, perhaps inferring that she is still as good now as she was at the start of her music career. The key light is to the left to her and angled to the right this, accentuates the length of her legs, elevating her status.

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