Wednesday, 5 January 2011

Bars Front Page

On the front cover of my magazine I have used the image of my artist behind bars, this fits well with the name of my magazine. The main colours that I have used are orange and blue, I have used them in both my text and my costumes, as they contrast well and allow the text to be easily read as well as making the front cover look appealing. This is a technique I have learnt from other music magazines, such as Vibe and Billboard. I have also followed the convention of only using a maximum of three different colours on my front cover; this stops the reader from being over loaded or the page
being appears cluttered. Other conventions that I have followed are having a date and issue number; this helps my music magazine look authentic and allows it to be collected as a first addition. I have also used 4 different types of font, giving the front cover variation and again bringing it to the standard of a real music magazine.

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