Monday, 30 January 2012

Character types in Our Film

The Popular Girl 

Our Final Girl

The popular girl is most often white, tall, blond but sometimes brunet. She is attractive and has an athletic boyfriend and she the envy of all the other female characters. Her parents are rich and most likely not divorced, and her life is seemly perfect. The popular girl has the ability to make others feel bad about themselves and she is the benchmark for popularity and success. Jessica from the film ‘Sorority Row’ is the archetypal popular girl. She uses her beauty and popularity to influence others, which eventually leads to her own demise. Another example of this character type is Britney from ‘Bring It On: All or Nothing’, a cheerleader living the American dream. Other popular girls include Danni from ‘Piranha’ and Kirby from ‘Scream 4’.
The Jock 

Our Jock

The jock is also a regularly used character stereotype in the film industry. In some ways the jock is a male version of the popular girl. He is alethic and is popular with women, although rarely is a jock good at anything other than sports. Jocks often bully weaker classmates and it is unlikely that they will make it to the end of the film without some misfortune coming to them. An example of an archetypal jock is Hunt Wynorski from ‘Final Destination 4’; he is often depicted having sex with beautiful women, but struggles to comprehend the concept that he is being chased by death.

The Final Girl 

Our Final Girl 

The final girl is a generic survivor and the last remaining female character, who had managed to escape from the killer and evade death. An example of this is Sindy from the scream franchise. The final girl is much more intelligent than the popular girl, however usually less attractive. She also gives film producers an opportunity to produce a sequel, while still maintaining popular characters from the previous film. 

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