Tuesday, 31 January 2012

Using Programs to Create our Movie Trailer

We used the program Adobe Premier to edit our trailer, this picture demonstrates how we combined both sound and video within our product. we were able to add multiple layers of sound, which gives depth to the audio. This made our trailer seem more professional and added to its overall impact on the viewer. 

We were able to import titles from After Effects, the titles allowed us to convey narrative to our trailer. Using Adobe Premier we were able to adjust the length and speed of the titles. 

Adobe Premier allowed us to split up video and sound to create an atmosphere, we added a heartbeat and made it rapidly accelerate to create tension. We also made the screen straight cut to black which interrupts the flow, adding enigma to our trailer. 

After Effects enabled us to apply a randomised stepped fade to the text within our titles, this made them more intriguing and followed the conventions of titles within existing trailers. 

We used the program Celtx to type out the script, Celtx was very beneficial to us, as once we had input the script and character names, it created a shot list and production schedule. 

We used the converter MPEG Streamclip to convert the cannons default movie setting into DV, so that it was compatible with Adobe Premier. 

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