Tuesday, 31 January 2012

Using Fake Blood

make-up - slideshow maker with music

The first fake blood that we tested was relatively inexpensive, and bought from a costume shop. The blood had a thicker consistency than normal blood; though it still looked realistic on the skin, through the lens of a camera. However, due to the thickness of the fake blood, it did not drip well, which was the effect we were intending to create. Therefore, we decided to make our own fake blood. 

Experimenting with Make-Up effects - slideshow maker with music

Secondly, we attempted to make our own fake blood using syrup and red food colouring. Its constancy was good, and after we added some more syrup its colour turned to crimson red, which looked extremely realistic. We also added coffee granules to give the blood a texture.

We were happy with the result of our second test; and we use this blood during our filming. 

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