Thursday, 22 September 2011

Analysis of a film trailer using Narrative Structure and Theory

 The Colombiana film trailer starts with an extremely short period of equilibrium in accordance with the Todorov theory of narrative. The state of equilibrium features two policemen eating donuts and drinking coffee, while sitting in a police car. This is a stereotypical view of American police (cops) thus the audience feel that nothing is out of the ordinary. The viewer is used to this stereotype due to America's domination of the film industry. It appears to be a cloudless, sunning day reinforcing the fact to the audience that everything is as it should be. This atmosphere of the film is peaceful and feels normal, giving the following events even more shock factor.

Within seconds this state of normality is disrupted, a car crashes into the police car, and then the main female character finds herself in prison.  A high angle shot is used making her appear helpless. She is sweating and looks dishevelled, leaving the audience eager to know how she got in this state. The problem within the film has now been presented, the viewer many wish to see the film to find out how it will be resolved.
Now comes the next part of Todorov's theory of narrative where there is a recongition of the problems within the film. The main female Protagonist is now in a cat suit and appears to break herself out of prison. There is no explanation of how she does this leaving the audience eager to for an explanation, meaning they are more likely to watch the actual film. The female protagonist is presented as seductive, this would attract a male audience. 
After this it appears that the female protagonist is seen to be shooting a gun, this also abides to the fourth stage of Todorov's theory of narrative where the characters within the film attempt to repair the disruption. Now there is a sense of danger, and the audience fear for her safety, this may make them go and see the film to discover whether or not she survives and wheather this problem is resolves. The viewer is also confused, due to the lack of detail within the trailer, leaving them wanting more.


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