Sunday, 25 September 2011

Analysis of Trailer Voiceovers

Audio From the Smurfs Trailer

The voiceover starts by informing the audience where the action within the film takes place; 'In a faraway land'. This also gives the audience an understanding of what type of genre the film is, due to the phrases association with fairy-tales, helping to set the tone of the film. The voiceover then tells the audience that the mysterious creatures 'have lived happily for hundreds of year's ... until today'. This builds a sense of anticipation and gives background information, helping the audience make sense of the narrative. The voiceover works with the dialogue within the trailer; when it states '... they will have to escape to a world they've never imagined', a character says 'oh my Smurf' giving us the impression that the Smurfs are shocked by their new world. This helps to summarise the plot of the film. The voiceover also works in conjunction with the titles reading 'this summer’; this informs the viewer of when the film will be released. Likewise the voiceover reads the titles 'from Colombia Pictures', the audience members who are fans of previous films from this company may be enticed into seeing the Smurfs. The voiceover describes the film as the '3D adventure of the year' building the anticipation for the film’s release. The voiceover goes on to read the title of the film, to ensure that it stays in the audience's mind.

Audio from Honey 2 Trailer

At the start of the trailer, the voiceover states, 'Maria had all the right moves...’ This sets the tone for the film, informing the audience that this is a dance film as well as giving us information on the characters. The voiceover goes on to say, '...she just couldn’t get the break'. This gives the audience some background, helping them to understand the narrative and hinting at the problems that will arise within the film. The voiceover works with the titles to inform the audience that the film is made by 'universal pictures and the director of honey'. Fans of the first Honey film may wish to see the second one due to the fact that it was made by the same director. The voiceover also states that the film features music by Estelle, Far East Movement and La Roux. This could encourage fans of these artists to see the film. Finally, the voice reinforces the title of the film to the audience.

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