Sunday, 25 September 2011

Function of a Trailer Voiceover

  1. To help us make sense of the narrative by giving is background information, such us where the action is set, so that the audience has some understanding of the storyline.
  2. To give us infomation on the characters.
  3. Showcases the stars appearing in the film, the viewer may go and see the film if they hear that their favorate star is going to be in it.
  4. Give us infomation about important production personnel such as the director and producer and their previous work. The audience may be persaded to see the film if they are a fan of the producers/director's previous work.
  5. Helps to build a scense of anticipation about the films release.
  6. Re-enforces the title of the film.
  7. Sets the tone of the film.
  8. Summaries the story in around 5-8 lines. It does not give away the ending, but helps us antiicipate what is to come.

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