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Analysis of 'Filth to Ashes' Trailer


From the location, set design and props used in this trailer, the audience assumes that this film is from the sub-genre of low-budget slashers. The mis-en-scene of the trailer is grime and dirty, this sets the scene for a horror film. Blood spatters on the wall hint to the audience that someone has or will be killed during the course of the film. These scenes appear to be shot in some type of warehouse or barn. The audience now assumes that the killer has enough space to harm or kill his victims, without being disturbed, building a sense of anxiety. These scenes would have been shot within a studio. Other shots which would have been shot on-location, in open spaces, informing the audience that the characters have 'nowhere to hide'.

The props used in the trailer also set the scene for a horror film, a bloody knife is seen being wiped clean, inferring that a character has just been stabbed to death. A female character is also seen loading a shotgun.This helps the audience gain a better understanding of the narrative, suggesting that at some point in the film the victims begin to fight back.

Lighting and colour

A Blue filter is used frequently in the trailer to create a cold and chilling atmosphere. The colour blue connotes death and lifelessness, which helps to inform the audience of the films narrative, while at the same time complementing the films genre.

Low-key lighting is used to create shodows on the faces of some of the victims within the trailer, this hints at their lack of importance to the plot due to an inpending death. It also creates a sense of enigma for the audience as they are unclear as to who the main protagonists are, as well as who will make it through to the end of the film.


Constant  diegetic screaming is juxtaposed with short intivals of silence during the course of the trailer. The screaming establishes a scense of horror and fear. The sound of a heatbeat is also used to build the level of tension and convey the characters fear to the audience.

A voice-over is used, which takes the form of a character talking over the on-screen images. The male voice-over defines the word purge and cleanse, which foreshadows what is to come later in the film, while at the same time giving the audience a better idea of the narrative.

Filth To Ashes Flesh To Dust Trailer Audio

Camera angles/shot types/framing/movement 

Close-up shots of the victims faces are used in order to humanise them, this builds a relationship between the character and the viewer and provokes a stronger emotional reaction from the audience when they are killed or harmed. This may make the audience want to go and see the film to discover whether or not the characters survive. Some shots used in the trailer seem out of focus, this could suggest that the characters within the film have been drugged. Again, this informs the audience of the narrative within the film. Handheld tracking shots are used in order convey a feeling of frantic panic to the audience.


Like most trailers, the Filth to Ashes trailer is made up of a montage of clips. As the speed of the music gets faster, so does the pace of the editing, building tension and creating a sense of anticipation. Fades are also used, which could symbolise death or the impending doom of the protagonists.


The first set of titles read 'the elimination process has begun', this tells the audience that the protagonists are going to start being killed during the course of the film, informing the audience of the narrative. The font used is a blue tint, again suggesting death, it is also a harsh, angular Serif font which is typical to the horror genre.

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