Wednesday, 12 October 2011

Props Theory of Characters Types

After studying 100 fariytales, Vladimir Propp developed a character theory for studying media texts and productions. Prop discovered that all characters fall into 7 broard character types, all of which can be found in a variety of different media. 

The Seven Character Types of Vladimir Propp

  1. The villain: Locked in a constant struggle with the hero, often trying to harm princess. 
  2. The donor: Gives the hero an object or a piece of information that helps them prepare for what is to come. 
  3. The helper: Assists the hero with their quest, often referred to as their 'sidekick'.
  4. The princess: Needs assistance from the hero, usually because they are in some form of danger, typically the princess is the victim within the narrative. 
  5. The dispatcher: Is the character who sends that hero on their mission or quest.  
  6. Hero: Reacts to the donor and saves the princess, often resulting in them falling in love with the princess. 
  7. False hero: May appear good but has an ulterior motive, or attempts to take credit for the hero's actions. 


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