Monday, 17 October 2011

Inception and Post-modern Theory

Inception mainly falls under that Post-modern genre of Hyper Reality, as the characters are able to enter dream space, that gives them the ability to access somebody's unconscious mind. Many viewers may find this concept more attractive than the real world and by fascinated by the endless possibilities that this power offers. In addition to this Inception does not have the traditional linear narrative, as it moves backward and forwards in a dream state, and finishes with an open ended closure.   

Inception could also fall into the genre of Time Bending, due to its 'what if' nature. It questions what society would be like if we could alter each other's mental states as well as posing the abstract moral dilemma of whether it is right invade a persons thoughts. Inception, offers a different shape of reality, allowing the viewer to decide whether they like it more than their current situation. 

Inception also uses ther post-modern concept of stories within stories. This often confuses and intrigues the viewer as well as creating a multi-layered storyline. 

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