Sunday, 2 October 2011

Multimodal Analysis of Dream House Trailer

At the start of the Dream House trailer the Universal logo is used. This consists of onscreen text and an animated moving image. The logo suggests to the viewer that it is a big budget film, raising their expectations.
The logo for the film's production company Morgan Creek Productions is also used, it consists of a still image and moving text. This only appears onscreen for a short amount of time, perhaps this is because this is not a well-known production company, and therefor its logo cannot be used to draw in an audience.

Titles, a form of written text are also used, to help the audience make sense of the narrative. It also helps to create a sense of anticipation surrounding the films storyline.  

Audio from 'Dream House' Trailer: The music is soft and played on a piano, this creates an eerie atmosphere, and sets the scene for a horror film. The voiceover gives the audience background information about the film, helping them to understand the narrative.

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