Tuesday, 11 October 2011

Analysis of 'Jennifer's Body' using 'Male Gaze'

The trailer starts with the main protagonist swimming nude in a lake, from the onset this depicts her as a sexual object, gratifying men. Her movements are slow and seductive, sexulising the young female character. It also demonstrates her sexual freedom, and informs the audience that an erotic narrative should be expected.

Later on in the trailer the protagonist is shown to be wearing a cheer-leading outfit, her outfit is tight and has a short skirt, again portraying her as a sexual object. She is wearing red lipstick which connotes lust and infidelity. Moments later she is seen unzipping her shirt, with her breasts partly on-show, this is overtly sexual and objectifies her. The boys are in the background, and out of focus, re-enforcing the fact that the  protagonist's body is the cameras focal point.

Lighting is used to distinguish between her 'sexy' and 'evil' sides. High-key lighting is used. Clean bright lights are used in order to convey her femininity in contrast to the dark lighting used when she is attacking a victim. Bright lighting may have been used in order to ensure her body was fully visible to men, in accordance with Mulvey's theory.

An extreme close-up of the protagonist's lips are used when she is kissing another girl.  She is also heard saying 'I go both ways' suggesting she is bisexual, this will also attract the male audience. The song played in the background is 'I Know What Boys Like' this has a sexual connotation,   objectifying her.

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