Tuesday, 11 October 2011

Script - Possible Ideas

Leslie-Anne and I created the following script as the basis of our trailer:

It begins with an 'Audition Tape' - the filming should be edited to resemble a 'video-tape' effect - possibly with static (similar to grave encounters trailer?). Could break out in between scene to show beginning of disruption to equilibrium.
up to 10 seconds

Establishing shot of house - 2-3 secs

Scenes showing meet and greets - informs audience on characters:
-2/3/4 shots?
-Mix of shots to resemble conventional filming and also to resemble filming similar to 'big-brother'? fly on the wall style?
-around 10 secs, mixing shots/movement, etc.

Silhouette emerges from background - dramatic irony is built upon audience as well as creating enigma - an unknown character.
Wide Shot - zooms into that character?
2 secs

Pace of trailer becomes faster after this - montage of shots building the tension featuring:
night scenes? - 'night' effect - camera angle to represent fly on the wall idea
panic scenes - hand-held/tracking shots of characters - natural feel, realistic - running, locking of doors, trying to escape?
CU's - body - i.e. hands - blood on them?
- facial expressions of character - sc

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